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Bus Route Changes

Don't assume you know the route, as we have made some changes this year. Bus routes and stops are accurate as of the date of publication, but are subject to change during the course of the year depending on actual ridership patterns. All times are estimated. Students are advised to be at their stops five minutes before the scheduled stop time. Due to space limitations all stops may not be listed.

2017-18 Bus Routes
2017-2018 School Bus Transportation Guidelines

Did you know? You don't have to ride the bus every day to ride it any day.

General Information: Policies & Questions

We believe it is important for parents and the school district to work together in promoting a safe pupil transportation system in which high standards of safety and decorum are maintained. Many parents will have questions about the use of school buses. You will find answers to many of your questions under "Bus Guidelines" on the SAU site and in the MCS Handbook.

Day-to-day issue concerning discipline, behavior, etc should be referred to the appropriate school administrator.

  • Marion Cross School (802) 649-1703, Bill Hammond, Principal
  • Frances C Richmond School (603) 643 6040, Mike Lepene, Principal
  • Hanover High School (603) 643-3431, Justin Campbell, Principal

Routine questions (late or early bus, missed stop, etc) should be referred to Mike Gaudette at Student Transport of America, 802-698-8528 or mgaudette@ridesta.com

If a question deals with the bus contractor (equipment, driver qualifications, and behavior, etc) or ongoing issues related to routes, schedules, stops, etc, it should be referred to Jamie Teague, Business Administrator at (603) 643-6050. In all cases the Superintendent, and then the School Board, can be involved if the questions are not resolved.

Kindergarten Transportation

Kindergarten students ride the regular route buses. If is essential that an adult receive kindergarten students at their stop. Drivers are instructed NOT to drop kindergarteners at stops without an adult to receive them, unless other arrangements have been requested and approved in writing.


Is there an afternoon activity bus?

Due to budgetary changes, there is no longer an afternoon activity bus.

Can oversized items be taken on the bus?

Smaller items, such as small musical instruments or projects which students can either hold in their laps or put under their seats, may be carried on the bus. Larger items, such as large musical instruments, which require the use of another seat on the bus may not be allowed, depending on how crowded the bus is. For obvious reasons, unusually bulky objects (e.g. hockey or lacrosse sticks, skis, etc) which require the use of the center aisle can not be allowed. The bus driver will determine which objects are acceptable and which are not.

What is the bus schedule if there is a delayed opening?

If, for weather or other reasons, a two hour delay is called, all school-related schedules will be moved two hours later. Therefore, if your child customarily waits for the bus at 7:20 am, he or she should wait for the bus at 9:20 am. If your child's school's start time is 8:00am, the starting time will change to 10:00am. If a two hour delay has been announced as described above, and it is later determined that conditions have NOT improved and schools will be closed, an announcement to that effect will be made before 8:00am. Continue to monitor radio, TV stations, the web and to check your phone in case schools is subsequently canceled.