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Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration happens every spring and is advertised in the Valley News transaction ads, posted to the Norwich Listserv and mailed to current MCS families. There are several steps to the kindergarten registration process including: pre-registration forms, kindergarten screening, and registration forms.


  • February-March: Kindergarten registration advertised
  • February-April: Parents contact Joy Smolin in the main office to schedule an appointment time on kindergarten screening day
  • End of March-April: Kindergarten Screening Day
  • June: Kindergarten Parent Night
  • Summer: Parents complete Annual Forms Update online which includes uploading student birth certificate, current immunization record and proof of residency
  • Summer: Kindergarten meet-ups. Check the Norwich listserv and MCS & PTO website for kindergarten meet-ups for playing and potlucks
  • August: Classroom placements mailed home. Check website for date announcement.
  • August: Classroom teacher letters mailed home
  • Day Before School Starts: Welcome Back Open House where students can tour classroom and meet teachers
  • First Day of School: PTO Breakfast for K parents


What is kindergarten screening?

The purpose of kindergarten screening is to assess student readiness for kindergarten. During the screening your child will meet with: the school nurse for vision and hearing tests; special education teachers, our occupational therapist, speech therapist, school counselor and kindergarten teachers to access for any unidentified needs. Kindergarten screening is not about academic needs and more about social skills and ability to work with others.

Kindergarten screening happens during the course of one day. Students are led through different stations in small groups. Parents do not accompany their children.

How long is kindergarten screening?

Kindergarten screening typically is 45 minutes long.

What do parents do during kindergarten screening?

Parents meet separately in a small group with the school counselor. During this time parents learn about the kindergarten experience and have the chance to ask questions of not only the counselor, but of any other parents in their small group.

What does a typical day look like for a kindergartener at MCS?

Every day begins with a morning meeting where students gather and greet one another. Kindergarten students have a morning and afternoon snack as well as a morning and afternoon recess. MCS does not have a cafeteria, so students each lunch in the classroom. In the afternoon, there is a quiet time where students rest. Students are not expected to sleep during this time, but it's ok if they do. Kindergarteners have a special everyday. The specials are library, music, art, PE and French. All of the specials meet once a week, except PE which meeting twice a week and French which meets in the classroom everyday.
On Fridays, kindergarten classes spend the day at the outdoor classroom in the Milt Frye Area behind the school for Forest Fridays. More information about Forest Fridays

Are there any kindergarten meet-ups during the summer?

Typically the PTO or one of the kindergarten parents arranges meet-ups during the summer. At the end of the summer the PTO usually holds a Popsicles on the Playground for families to meet before the school year starts.

Where and when is pick-up and drop off?

School starts at 8:10, but students can be dropped off as early as 7:30. Kindergarteners are restricted to area near the play structure in front of school and kindergarten classes line up to go inside with their teachers in this area.

School ends at 3:10 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 2:10 on Wednesdays. Kindergarteners are picked up in the COOP area outside the kindergarten classrooms. The teacher must see the person picking up your child and shake hands with your child before he or she is dismissed.

MCS is a hectic place for pick up and drop off. The bus lane is close to kindergarten classrooms, but you cannot use the bus driveway when buses are present. After 7:40, you can typically use the bus lane for drop off. If you use the bus lane, pull all the way in the driveway, go up the short hill, use the bus turnaround, and drop off your children by the fence. This way your child gets out on the right-hand side of their cars. We have has some close calls with children crossing the lane of traffic. It truly is much safer not having children dart across the driveway. After school, the bus lane is not available for use.

St. Barnabas (the grey church) has been both generous and flexible with us, offering us their front and back lots as drop off/pick up sites for children at the beginning and end of the day. If you park here, please walk your child across the bus lane to school.

How many kindergarten classes are there?

For the 2017-18 school year there will be two kindergarten classes. The teachers are Jennifer Newberry and Ashley Morse.

How many students are in a typical kindergarten class?

Classes are typically between 15-18 children.

Kindergarten Screening is March 22, 2019

Kindergarten Parent Night will be announced soon.

Katie Cormier

Guidance Counselor