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[H] Outdoor Classroom

For the past two years, every Friday Marion Cross kindergartners have had the enriching experience of being immersed in nature almost all day - the Forest Friday program. The teachers have spent many hours planning, doing site visits to other schools, and researching how to best design the program. The children have grown, challenged themselves, learned many things about the world and about themselves. The teachers and classroom assistants have supported the children through all kinds of adventures and all kinds of weather. It has been a wonderful experience for all.

And now, thanks to generous grants and volunteers, we have an outdoor classroom shelter located in the Milt Frye Area. The shelter will allow us to be comfortable outside for longer periods of time. While this shelter is primarily for kindergarten classes on Fridays, it is also a resource for the whole school on other days of the week. Third grade classes use the shelter during their study of the forest habitat. And other classes are encouraged to come to the Nature Area for outdoor lessons to sit and gather comfortably.