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Welcome to the Marion Cross School!



Hello, Parents, Students and Community Members. Happy Summer!

The MCS Website has lots of information about the upcoming 2015 - 2016 School year. The Calendar Page has our new school calendar and our Meet Our Staff page has been updated to include all of our new staff, plus the new teaching assignments. Our PTO page links to a brand new, Weebly site, they created. Also, the Parent Handbook for the 2015 - 2016 school year can be found on the For Parents page.

Please check this site regularly over the next few weeks for continual updates and more information.

Calendar Notes: The first day of school is Wednesday September 2nd.



Summer Reading Lists

With the 'long, relaxing days of summer' there's plenty of time to enjoy reading a good book. In the three summer reading lists created for the different grade levels, you should be able to find plenty to ready that will make you want to read more! Click on the links below to downlod the reading lists.

Enjoy and have a wonderful summer!
Joy Blongewicz - MCS Librarian

Upcoming 1st and 2nd Graders

Upcoming 3rd and 4th Graders

Upcoming 5th through 7th Graders



Here are some of our highlights from the last school year.


Bike to School Day 2015


Thanks to every one for making May 6th's Bike-to-School Day a huge success. We counted 165 bikes at MCS this morning (only 15 of those were adult bikes). That is REALLY impressive! Even better is the fact that all the kids on bikes had helmets, there were no accidents, and there were tons of smiles.




We are pleased and honored to announce that the organization, TBS (The Best Schools) has recognized the Marion Cross School as one of the 50 Best American Public Elementary Schools. You can click on this link, or the banner to learn more on their website.

Congratulations to all the many different groups (teachers, staff, students, parents, administrators, school-board members, and community members) who all contributed to our receiving this recognition.




Poet Ted Scheu - Entertaining and Inspirational

Poet, Ted Scheu from Vermont, visited MCS on Friday March 27th. His opening assembly with the entire school was full of fun, humor and energy. He enthusiastically shared poems he had written, and he presented a great model for reading with expression and feeling. Throughout the day, he conducted a variety of workshops for smaller groups of students, giving them tips and confidence in their ability to write poetry. There were some outstanding poems written by MCS students!! I hope they will be submitted to Ted Scheu on his website: poetryguy.com





MCS 2013 - 2014, A Year in Review

Lots of great things happened at The Marion Cross School over the past year!
Click on the picture to watch a movie review of the 2013 - 2014 school year.

(the video will open in a new window)





On our first day of school, we all got back together in the Multi-Purpose Room where we sang, said hello to new staff members and then talked a bit about how we can Learn Well. Mr Bill, using bicycles and unicycles, taked about how things are sometimes easy and sometimes hard to learn. (like riding a unicycle!) Its a new year and he invited us all to take a ride together and Let's Learn!



PTO Staff Appreciation Pie Day

What's the recipe for a great Pie Day?

- 250 wonderful MCS families
- 85 volunteer pie bakers
- 90 boxes (just in case)
- 5 organized box assemblers
- 2 artistic flower arrangers
- 6 safe bus drivers
- 2 careful crossing guards
- 71 incredible Marion Cross staff members stir it all together

and VOILĂ€!(some measures are approximate)

Many, many thanks from the staff at MCS to our wonderful PTO!





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