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Welcome to the Marion Cross School!



Welcome to our last week of school for this year!

Calendar Page has our 2014- 2015 School Calendar available. Please check MCS Cross Words - on the For Parents page - or the calendar for all the upcoming events at MCS.There are LOTS of end-of-the-year activities on tap through this Friday.

Mrs Blongewicz has added some recommended summer reading lists for our students. Please visit the Library page (to the left) for more information.

Also, there is lots of new information on that page - For Parents - concerning immunization rates for the State of Vermont and MCS, and the results of the recent MCS Parent School Survey.


PTO Staff Appreciation Pie Day

What's the recipe for a great Pie Day?

- 250 wonderful MCS families
- 85 volunteer pie bakers
- 90 boxes (just in case)
- 5 organized box assemblers
- 2 artistic flower arrangers
- 6 safe bus drivers
- 2 careful crossing guards
- 71 incredible Marion Cross staff members stir it all together

and VOILÀ!(some measures are approximate)

Many, many thanks from the staff at MCS to our wonderful PTO!



MCS 2012 - 2013, A Year in Review

Click on the picture to watch a movie review of the 2012-3013 MCS school year.

(the video will open in a new window)



The MCS Shop is now open! Please visit our PTO page (link to the left) to see our latest line of MCS Spirit Wear.



The entire Marion Cross School community congratulates (our own) Hannah Kearney on her great medal performance at the winter Olympics in Sochi.Welcome back to Norwich, Hannah!




The staff at MCS wishes to offer many thanks to the PTO for the wonderful
Staff AppreciationDay

Thank you so much.




2013 Fall Bike/Walk to School Day

On October 18, 2013—Bike/Walk to School Day—students and parents and Mr. Bill got on their bikes and scooters and unicycles to ride and glide and shuffle to school.





The First MCS Spirit Day - Coming Soon!

MCS, in conjunction with PTO, is launching a new program called "Spirit Days." The first Spirit Day is planned for Thursday Nov 21st. On that day, everyone will be invited to wear their Rainbow Rep tee shirts and enjoy school spirit! Thanks to Ms. Eastman for her help with the decorating of the front display cabinets.




Studying Nature and Reading Go Together Perfectly!

In a collaborative project between Library and PE, 2nd graders both explored the nature trails around MCS, and read their favorite books. Parts of different stories were posted on trees along the trail on the Nature Path. Small groups of students followed the trail, found their story, read it and continued on to their next page.



The Bells are ringing at MCS!
On August 28, 2013, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. people all over the US rang school bells and church bells to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Students, teachers, parents, and administrators rang the MCS bell for the full hour.



Our First Time Getting Together as a MCS Community ...
Welcome back to another wonderful school year. Using a lasso as an analogy, we worked on the art of learning: What is the value of persistence? How do you tweak your understanding to get a better grasp at truth? How can you work with others to create a product even more effective than what you could develop alone? And what role do the people who guide you have?




and looking back to some of our important events from the 2012-2013 school year ...




On June 12, third graders took a trek on their Oregon Trail. Cooking outdoors was part of the pleasure.




Fifth grade students in a LEEEP activity conducted a survey of the benthic macro-invertebrate life in Blood Brook. They sampled different locations in the brook and identified the macro-invertebrates they found. By assigning a value to each organism based on that species' water quality tolerance level, they were able to calculate a water quality score for the brook. Fifth grade has been doing this analysis for 11 years and Blood Brook has consistently had "excellent" water quality.




Hurricane Sandy brings a little unexpected treat to MCS


Our 3rd graders had a great trip to the Hood Museum to study the
Australian Aboriginal Art exhibits!



A Playful Place to Gather

Have you checked out the new seating area on the playground? Mr. Bill already tweeted about it! How cool is that!

Inspired as gift to MCS from the 6th grade Class of 2012, the new curved wooden benches, unveiled a few weeks ago, have already become a popular and playful place that invites people to gather, relax, and chat. Local designers and architects, Jon Criswell and Scott Gordon, of Criswell Gordon Design Studio, designed and fabricated this seating area using natural woods.

The class would like to thank Jon and Scott for their innovative design talents and craftsmanship; the Marion Cross PTO for their generous contribution; Baker Lumber of White River Junction for discounting the lumber; and, local builder Matt Hall and his team, volunteers from Youth in Action, and SAU 70 for graciously donating both labor and equipment during the area’s installation. The project benefited from the guidance of principal Bill Hammond, the school’s playground committee representative, Brian Cook, and Jonathan Brush, the SAU 70’s Director of Facilities.

Finally, the project moved ahead because of the many hours of fundraising and work contributed by the class and their families. Thank you!



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