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Welcome to the Marion Cross School!


Hello, Parents, Students and Community Members. We hope that the school year is going well.

In order to provide information about the "goings-on" at MCS, there are several changes to the MCS website. The For Parents and About Our School pages have been updated, including a link to the new MCS Parent Handbook and Mr Bill continues to add new editions of MCS Cross Words. They are found on the For Parents page. Also, the Meet Our Staff page lists the new staff members plus the changes in grade configurations.

Breaking News:

After making up that day, and based on the number of Snow Days thus far this year, the last day of school for students is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 with a noon dismissal.


SAU 70 has selected Dr Jay Badams as our next superintendent. For more information, please clicktthis link.



What's New at MCS ....


MCS 2015 - 2016, A Year in Review

Lots of great things happened at The Marion Cross School over the past year!
Click on the picture to watch a movie review of the 2015 - 2016 school year.

(the video will open in a new window)



MCS "One Warm Coat" Project

A huge thank you to all the families that contributed to the 1st grade's "One Warm Coat" project. Thanks to your generosity we collected 108 snowpants and coats for our neighbors in need. Warm New Year!




It's the First Day of School!

Welcome back to all of our students. At an entire school community, we all got back together this morning for a large gathering in the multi-purpose room. We got re-aquainted, were introduced to our new students and staff, and sang, Bells of Norwich.

Later Mr. Bill spoke with us about the Olympics and some highlights of those events that were special to the students at MCS. We closed with our friends, Pig and Wolf on the podium and Mr Bill related how while they occupied the bronze and silver rows of the podium, we all should aspire to the gold. We can do that in many ways at school.

It was a great first morning together.




Solar Panels at MCS Provide Real Energy Savings

"Right now at Marion Cross School we're producing more energy from our off-site solar panels than we are consuming. Our last bill came in at -$799.16.

We'll take it!"

Click the image below to see the latest MCS electric bill from Green Mountain Power.



and here are some of our highlights from the last school year ...


Refuge Resettlement Program


Thank you very much for your donations to the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program! On Tuesday we formed a "bucket brigade" to load the bus with all the items. Upon arrival in Colchester we met folks who work at the program representing many different nations. They told us that when refugees arrive they are so grateful that our government has let them begin a new life in our country. And they are immensely moved by the fact that their new neighbors have helped set up an apartment to welcome them to Vermont. So, thank you for making a very big difference in the lives of people who truly appreciate your efforts! If you want to learn more or attend an event please visit their website at:






A Very Special Visitor to MCS

On the day before his 207th birthday, students at MCS were thrilled to have a visit from our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln treated us to some interesting (and funny) stories of his youth, and life before becoming president. He checked his height in comparison to Mr. Bill (he was taller) and Mr. Ramsey (he was not as tall) and then shared about how happy he was to make his first ever visit to Norwich and to Vermont.

President Lincoln closed with a special recitation of the Gettysburg Address.



Our First Day of School Assembly

It’s an exciting new year at MCS and we opened our first day with a whole-school assembly in the multi-purpose room. Mr. Bill led a discussion around the recent fly-by of Pluto by the New Horizons space probe. We found out about how fast the probe has traveled the past 9 years (about 10 miles per second) and how for some of our students, it began that journey before they were even born. Our theme this year is to Explore, and just as New Horizons is exploring our solar system, we are also in a wonderful place (the Marion Cross School) for exploration. Everyday we are exploring science and math and music and a whole host of other interesting subjects.

In addition, please notice as you walk through the school that our planets are suspended in the ceiling and the hallways. They are at the correct scale as to their actual place in our solar system.






New Water Fountain

New Water Fountain at MCS

Thanks to the very generous donation of last year's 6th grade class - parents and students - we are happy to debut a new water fountain at MCS. It is located on the second floor across from Mrs. Ames' room. Mr. Bill holds an official MCS water bottle containing "Fountain Fill Number 1!" (The new fountain has a counter near the top and this bottle holds fill, number 1." )

Huge thank you to last year's MCS 6th grade - Class of 2021.





We are pleased and honored to announce that the organization, TBS (The Best Schools) has recognized the Marion Cross School as one of the 50 Best American Public Elementary Schools. You can click on this link, or the banner to learn more on their website.

Congratulations to all the many different groups (teachers, staff, students, parents, administrators, school-board members, and community members) who all contributed to our receiving this recognition.




PTO Staff Appreciation Pie Day

What's the recipe for a great Pie Day?

- 250 wonderful MCS families
- 85 volunteer pie bakers
- 90 boxes (just in case)
- 5 organized box assemblers
- 2 artistic flower arrangers
- 6 safe bus drivers
- 2 careful crossing guards
- 71 incredible Marion Cross staff members stir it all together

and VOILÀ!(some measures are approximate)

Many, many thanks from the staff at MCS to our wonderful PTO!






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